Senior systems engineer specializing in software configuration management systems and application 
support with experience across industries in both startup as well as established companies.


Languages: Perl, shell scripting, C, C++, HTML

Operating Systems: Solaris, HP-UX, Linux, Windows

Configuration Management: ClearCase, ClearCase UCM, MultiSite, ClearQuest, Requisite Pro, Build Forge,
                         Rational Team Concert, Rational Requirements Composer, Rational Quality Manager

Internet: Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, Internet Information Server, IPlanet web server

Software: Nagios, Samba, Syntax TAS


Island Training Solutions, Durham, North Carolina                               2004 to Present
Manager, Instructional Design

Responsible for providing training and consulting services
-	Provided training for customers in the design and use of software configuration
	management tools including ClearCase, ClearCase UCM, MultiSite, ClearQuest,
	Requisite Pro, Build Forge, Team Concert, Requirements Composer, and Quality Manager.
-	Developed curriculum for classes including presentations and labs.
-	Implemented tools for a client to deploy programs to a mainframe from a Windows
	ClearCase source control environment.

Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge, Massachusetts                            2006, 2010

Responsible for design and implementation of a server migration procedure, ClearCase software upgrade,
and failover procedure in the event of hardware failure for an FDA qualified instance of ClearCase.

Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge, Massachusetts                            2005

Responsible for design and implementation of enhancements to system and application monitoring tools
using the Nagios monitoring program.

Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge, Massachusetts				2002 to 2003
Systems Engineer

Responsible for design and support of source code control system, web servers, defect tracking 
system, and production applications.

-	Provided support for ClearCase, TeamTrack, IPlanet, Apache, Tomcat, and JBoss
-	Planned and implemented hardware and software upgrades for source control system, 
	web servers, and defect tracking system
-	Implemented a qualified instance of ClearCase to meet FDA standards for integrity of 
-	Led training classes in the use of ClearCase
-	Identified the need for, selected, customized, and implemented the Nagios automated
	monitoring system for the Informatics department, later installed in other departments
-	Implemented the roll out and support of Apache, Tomcat, and JBoss web servers
-	Managed department web page re-organization
-	Managed software licensing including installation of new versions of department 
-	Administered production applications on web servers
-	Received three Millennium Star Awards

Lanz Consulting, Cambridge, Massachusetts					1999 to 2001

Responsible for design and support of software configuration management environments.
Clients included Millennium Pharmaceuticals, John Hancock Financial Services, Altaworks, 
Elron Software, and Certco.

-	Responsible for enhancement of existing scripts to support software development 
-	Recommended improvements for makefiles and build scripts to ensure repeatable builds
-	Performed a new site installation of the ClearCase configuration management software
-	Wrote detailed procedure documents for ClearCase upgrades
-	Implemented statistics gathering process to determine disk space needs and license usage
-	Produced documentation for proper installation and usage of ClearCase

Interwoven, Westford, Massachusetts			                        1999
Technical Consultant

Responsible for installation and configuration of TeamSite and OpenDeploy, Interwoven's web 
content management and deployment products.

Lexington Software Associates, Westford, Massachusetts				1998 to 1999
Regional Consultant

Responsible for design and support of software configuration manangement environments.
Clients included Ericcson Messaging Systems, Avici Systems, and John Hancock Mutual Life 
Insurance Company.

-	Modified makefiles and updated build environments for product support of a new 
	operating system and reduction in build times
-	Implemented triggers to enforce site policies and promotion model
-	Converted existing triggers to Perl for UNIX-NT interoperablity

Hewlett-Packard Company, Chelmsford, Massachusetts				1996 to 1998
Software Design Engineer

Responsible for design and implementation of cluster software and software configuration 
management infrastructure.

-	Designed and implemented the solution for code sharing across multiple HP sites
-	Performed baselevel build and packaging activity for four product releases
-	Designed and developed stable and reproducible build environment for cluster products
-	Designed and implemented cluster monitoring and administration tools
-	Held a lead role in setting up Hewlett-Packard's mirror web site for the NASA Jet 
	Propulsion Laboratory Mars Projects


University of Wisconsin-Madison
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, 1995